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Sun-Thu 12 pm
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There is Always
Something Great
Idea Work.... live streaming, instant messaging app for iPhone and Android

Sun-Mun 11 am
Live Music Multi Platform Streaming

THERE IS ALWAYS Something Great Idea Work...MUSIC HELPS!

Our Radio Jockeys

DJ Benz

DJ Benz
Sun 7PM - 9PM | Mon 7PM - 8PM | Tues 7PM - 8PM | Wed 7PM - 8PM | Thu 7PM - 9PM | Fri 7PM - 8PM | Sat 7PM - 8PM

Drama Wayne

Madd Vibes
Tues 8PM - 10PM

Dj Vibez

Pop Up Wednesdays
Wed 1PM - 3PM

Dj Rj

Act Bad Tuesdays
Tue, 5PM -7PM

Dj Busta

Reggae Vibes Sundays
Sun 10AM - 12PM

Dj Steezy

Conscious Vibe Sunday | Free Up Friday
Sun 1PM - 3PM | Fri 8PM - 10PM

Dj Stash

Dj Stash
Sun 5PM - 7PM | Wed 5PM - 7PM | Thur 3PM - 5PM

Weekly Top Chart

Drake – The Shoe Fits (Intro Outro) (Clean)


Monthly Top Chart

Offset & Young Nudy – Dope Boy (Clean)

Offset & Young Nudy - Dope Boy (Clean)

Stay Tuned! Next Event

More information about the next upcoming Event will be posted soon, and tickets available for sale.

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